I have experienced life-threatening trauma as a result of the facilitators lack of training in deep personal work on psychedelics that led to trauma and a deepening of that trauma when bringing therapeutically damaging behavior by Peter Sandhill to all of the facilitators for urgent help. Concerned by the degree of willful blindness and criminal negligence to varying degrees by each of the facilitators and by the cost of this experience in my own life, I offer this page as my effort to fill in some of the blind spots that remained for me after working with multiple facilitators and taking 30 workshops.
  1. A Mini Workshop on Spotting Therapeutic Negligence and Abuse
  2. Speaker Series: Dr. Bessel van der Kolk
Abuse That Weakens The Self
A Paradigm of Self Culture and Wound
Here are 3 small gifts of my own in this Area  www.MeasureYourRelationship.com Psychedelics Safety and Are You Chauvinistic?